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23 April 14

fuck da police.


fuck da police.

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19 April 14

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16 April 14


Daily doodle #391 - Nick Fury’s new eye

I’m sorry I’m not sorry

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btvs appreciation week • day one: favourite character

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The Ark in Space - season 12 - 1975

#The Philip Hinchcliffe Era

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I maintain that “she’s a hero, you see. she’s not like us” is one of the most telling lines about Giles’ characterization in the entire series. 

#also this is a tiny little thing  #and it holds barely any significence  #but to me it’s huge:  #Giles puts his glasses on just before he suffocates Ben  #He always takes his glasses off for the hard things the disgusting things the bad things  #he always takes his glasses off so he doesn’t have to see or face what is going on around him in full focus  # he can ignore the horribleness of certain things if it’s fuzzy  #but not this one  #not this time  #and I think that says a lot about Giles too (via ladyknightradiant)

#giles does what needs to be done  #he doesn’t want buffy to sacrifice that sort of integrity but he’ll do it because you know he’s probably done it before  #he won’t mind coloring his soul a little darker for the sake of hers or the world’s  #giiiiiiiiiiles D:  (via the-elusive-ollie)

#When this happened I was simultaneously like  #GILES NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  #and also  #wow that is so spot on for his character I can’t even  #And this is where he continually brushes up against Buffy  #She will never condone killing for the greater good  #And Giles admires that  #but also feels that it is foolish  #and that it is his duty to act as this kind of protector for her and for the world#this is where the Watcher comes out in Giles the most I think  #guh (via 0tterp0p)

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George Takei,

You rule. 

George Takei is a beautiful human being.

I love George Takei!

George Takei being amazing and mocking these sad, pathetic bigoted idiots in his glorious style

It is the best thing


I’m not even sorry for putting this on my blog. This is perfect.

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This is the greatest thing I have ever seen ever.


This is the greatest thing I have ever seen ever.

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This is one of my favorite things, and it’s back in my dash! 

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Sometimes I forget how old Buffy is and then I see a laptop.


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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh